Pre NCT Health checks & NCT Failures

Pre NCT Health checks & NCT Failures – Balbriggan Service Centre

If your NCT date is soon. We can give your vehicle an inspection before hand.  We will give you a full report on the health of your car, highlighting any issues there may be and discus what you need to do before your test.

If your car has failed the NCT we can provide you with a no obligation quote on the repairs that are needed.


NCT centres report busiest year to date the fear of getting penalty points by drivers last year resulted in the busiest year on record for the National Car Test with almost 1.5m inspections carried out.

1,492,176 tests were carried out at NCT centres nationwide last year — a rise of almost 148,000 on the previous year.


The statistics, released last month by NCT operator Applus show that more cars failed than passed the test for a fourth year running.

A total of 756,422 vehicles (50.7%) failed compared to a pass rate of 730,322 (48.9%). A further 5,432 vehicles (0.4%) were immediately put off the road by NCT mechanics who deemed them too dangerous to drive away from the test centre. This was 632 more “fail-dangerous” stickers applied than in 2014.

Since the end of 2014, driving without a valid NCT disc is a fixed-charge motoring offence attracting three penalty points. NCT balbriggan

Many drivers continue to use the NCT as a diagnostic tool and put cars through the test first to see what needs fixing in order to get a pass on the retest.

Of the 767,675 re-tested last year, 698,376 (90.9%) passed and 68,309 (9%) failed. Some 990 vehicles (0.1%) were again ruled unfit to drive after the re-test.

The top failure items were front suspension; brake line and hoses; headlamp aim; tyre condition and faulty stop lamps.

Drivers could have saved a lot of money having their vehicles pre tested and given a once over by Balbriggan Service Centre.